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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fridays for the self-employed

Fridays are a big day for most weekly 9-5 folks

For those of us who are self-employed, it's a little less woo and hoo, but it's still exciting to see my friends' plans for the weekend. I'm going to breakfast with BA and our godbaby and her parents tomorrow, but today looks more like this"

do blog and other social media (there's so many places to post, so little time!)
work on publishing work (I have about 10 hours worth today)
write 1000 words
walk dogs
work out before you gain all that weight back
clean out emails
walk dogs
fall into bed

Lest you think I am not grateful that I get to work from home, I just want to say I can do all this in my pajamas. That rocks enough to make up for the lack of Friday anticipation...

So, happy Friday, y'all

What are you up to?

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