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Monday, October 01, 2007

hello hello!

man, I'm pooped. I have a novel due that's still a fledgling and I'm flailing (woo, alliteration)

I've been thinking a lot about my style, and about my favorite genres, and I want to hear from readers! Do you like my historicals? contemporaries? My mysteries?

Let me know what genre you think I do best. I'll give away a copy of my Arcana, Rock Bottom, from Torquere Press to one random commentor!


B said...

I *adore* this historicals, you know that. And the mysteries. Ohhhh yes.

But seriously, the thing I like best is that I know, no matter what, I can pick up a Julia Talbot novel and find a fresh voice. A character I haven't met before, merely transplanted from somewhere else, or even the same typse of character.

So I dive into all of 'em (especially the historicals plug plug plug) happily.

B said...

Rats, I left out a very important 'NOT' in there. Sheesh.

A character I haven't met before, NOT merely transplanted.... yadda yadda.

*goes back to bed*

Julia said...

want a copy of rock bottom? ;)