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Sunday, September 23, 2007

have I pimped Crash and Burn?

I think I have, but I bet I haven't posted a snippet! :D

Here's a wee bit from Crash and Burn, my sip over at Torquere Press


"Danny! Danny, quit it!" There was Todd again, grabbing him, pulling him out into the tiny hallway. "You're not helping shit."

No. No, Todd was the helpful one, wasn't he? Danny turned and drove his hand into the wall next to Todd's head, his face inches from Todd's nose. "Why don't you quit? Why are you still fucking here? I'm a fucking lost cause."

"I… I don't know. You're still paying me?" Those green eyes were so wide, so shocked, and it kinda revved his motor.

"True enough. I wonder how helpful you really want to be."

"What?" That pretty mouth fell open, and somehow Danny had never noticed how sweet Todd's lips looked, how hot that square-but-lean face was.

"I need to blow off steam." He leaned, trying to press his mouth to Todd's, but Todd ducked.

"No. No, I won't do that unless you mean it. I'll… I'll find you someone."

"What if I want you?" The thought had never occurred to him before, and Dan wondered why not. Now, with Todd pressed up against him, he thought maybe it was the best idea he'd had in ages.

"You don't. You're just pissed off." Pushing Danny away, Todd stuck his hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched like Danny had actually hit him. "If you had ever once looked at me before now? I'd be naked in a heartbeat. I'll make a couple calls."

Todd left him standing there with his mouth hanging open, just like that.

When the hot young thing showed up, though, Danny gave him a fifty and told the kid to go have a beer on him. Somehow, it just wasn't the same.


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