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Saturday, June 30, 2007

An excerpt, from my Torqued Tales story!

From Jack and the Big 'Ole Pinto Bean

by Julia Talbot

“Goddamned dried up old cow,” Jack muttered under his breath, kicking a clod of caliche dust out from under his boot. He spit a little, just because he could, because he was so damned mad. “Time to take you off to auction, lady.”

“She’s not giving at all, huh?” his lover Dane asked, coming over to rub a hand up and down his back. “She’s the last one we got, Jack. We’re gonna dry up and blow away.”

“No we ain’t.” Jack wasn’t no quitter, and he wasn’t gonna let Dane get all down in the mouth. He spit again, drawing up to his full height. “I’ll take her in tomorrow, sell her off. We’ll have us a feast.”

“A feast? I’d settle for some flour and sugar and maybe some lemon candy.” Dane’s blue eyes twinkled. “Some coffee.”

“You don’t want much, buddy. But I’ll do my best. Now come on, let’s leave her alone to enjoy her last days on this earth.” Both Jack and Dane took their hats off and held them over their hearts, having a moment for Bessie, who had served them well. Bless her. Even if she was a dried up old bitch.

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