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Thursday, March 15, 2007

working working

yeah, I'm behind as usual

what are y'all up to?


Lb said...

Not much, I am catchin up on emails, and checking out my favorite web pages. I don't understand people dissing other people in general. Kind of sad when that happens. I am a firm believer ?do onto others you you would have them do onto you". Shit on someone expect to be shit on. IT happens.

I love your stories. I loved Ross's story, I liked Tank. I am glad Ross found peace. Keep writing your name will get known. I stumbled across your name others will too. Take care I look forward to more stories. I will check in once and while to see what you are workng on.,

ana said...

Taking the Leap rocks! So glad Ross finally got his man. What about Don and Ray? What can I say, I can get enough of these guys.

Any news on Kyle's story?

Keep writing :)

Julia said...

hi LB!

Thanks so much :>

Julia said...

Hi ana! Kyle is percolating, but I have a few deadlines between him and his true love