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Monday, September 05, 2005


so, I'm making my daily word goal. Go me. I have a ton of shorts I need to send out, some erotic, some not. I've got two slightly dark, slightly twisted stories that are homeless and I think, well done. But not erotic.

What else. My editor at Changeling seems like a very nice lady. I've been so accustomed to working with the folks at Torquere that I admit I went straight into panic mode when she mentioned re-writes, but I think I'm ready now ;)

Re-writes and I have a love hate relationship. Heaven knows I'm not perfect, but once I'm done with a story, to my mind at least, it's hard to revisit it. I know what happens. The end. It's not that I mind the work. I'm just all about the new and shiny. Gnat on crack, that's me.

Is there anyone out there but the viagra spammers? I've gotten 2 comments in this journal, both spam...

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