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Monday, June 27, 2005

In it for the love

What is it about making your first sale that makes a writer suddenly have stars in their eyes? There was a time when I would take any kind of pub credit, even if it was non-paying. (Okay, I still do, but bear with me.) I know a lot of writers who did the same thing. We all started out in this very small community called gay erotica at the same time, all mucking away at making a name for ourselves, insanely grateful if anyone would look twice at us.

So where did that joy go? When did it get to be a game of "I was robbed!" and "They don't pay enough."? Sure, I'd love to quit my dayjob and go full time writing. Who wouldn't? But when did writing for the love stop being a priority?

Or maybe for some people it was never one to begin with.

I, for one, am grateful to the small presses, websites, and e-zines that have given me my start. And I will continue to send them my writing, because I feel like they're the ones who are really changing the face of erotic romance today.

If I can get big money somewhere, that's great. But there's still enough love in me to support the people who helped me get there, and be proud of what *they* do for *me*.