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Monday, June 06, 2005

look! my own press release

ERWF Press Release from Member Julia Talbot

Author Julia Talbot's greatest passions run to food, hats, history and cowboys. Two of the four are represented in her new releases for June 2005. From Torquere Press comes a Screwdriver imprint novel titled Post Obsessions, a Georgian era tale of lust and need that begins with a series of steamy letters and ends with an abiding love. Something about powdered wigs and tight pants makes that era one to really sink your erotic sweet tooth into. Maybe it's the intrigue. Or maybe it just feeds the men who aren't afraid to wear make-up fetish.

The cowboy obsession comes out in short story featured in Rode Hard and Put Away Wet, an anthology of lesbian cowboy tales from Suspect Thoughts Press. Edited by Rakelle Valencia and Sacchi Green, the anthology is sure to please anyone who likes their women rough and tough and unafraid of hard work. Julia's story, titled Sweethearts of the Rodeo, is all about vicious competition in the world of a rodeo princess.

Both books have scheduled release dates of June 15, 2005. Post Obsessions will be available in ebook format for $2.99. Rode Hard will come out in trade paperback for $16.95. Help Julia feed the food and hat collections and check them out!

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