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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Moose! Or how I decided to write a weremoose for Santa's sleigh

I was sitting around in June or so, thinking, I wonder what the theme will be this year for the Changeling Christmas Hot Flashes. I had this amorphous idea of a Santa obsessed elf who worked in sleigh engineering... So I emailed Publisher M and said, hey. And she said, OMG. The theme is reindeer games.

See, the other boy was a weremoose who wanted to be in on the reindeer games...

So, yeah. I was onto something. Like psychically. So I wrote it. It's funny. Cute. Silly and hot. It's a top 20 bestseller on All Romance!

Here's where you get it! You can also get it on ARE and Amazon.

Here's the nummy cover

Merry xmoose y'all


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Katherine Halle said...

Oooh I LOVE the cover! And what a cute story :D