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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

costumes I wish I could wear

I always wanted to be one of those curvy girls who could wear skinny. You know what I mean. Put on a corset and look like am Old West painting or a Victorian wet dream.

Sadly, I'm more... big all over. Tall. Broad where a broad should be broad, to quote Vicky Bliss, but also squishy. So, here's an ode to all the costumes I wish I cold rock for Halloween and can't

The saloon girl. No one wants to see this much of my 45 year old skin stuffed into a corset and fishnets. Trust me.

The Georgian lady. Ah, y'all. Side panniers. Powdered wigs. Dangerous Liaisons. I love this look. I do not have the stomach for a stomacher. Nor do I have the boobs for conical stays. I wish. Oh, how I wish.

damn you Marie Antoinette

Any superheroine.

when I was wee I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I thought she was stunning. She had an invisible plane! But alas, I am not built for a star spangled leotard.

I have rocked a gypsy, a ghost, a gargoyle and a witch, though!




Katherine Halle said...

I LOVED Wonder Woman! I mean, who didn't want to be her? But yeah...when I was young enough I didn't have the curves & now that I'm old enough don't have the bod LOL.

Moma Sue said...

You could rock any costume you wanted too. I think you are beautiful and will support you in any costume. Hugs precious girl