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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Peppermint, Cereus, and quitting my day job, again

So excited, y'all. I get to focus on only writing after the 1st of January. Most of y'all know (and if you don't, you live under a rock) that I've been doubling as publisher at Torquere Press since it opened in 2003. (Lord) Well, now I am stepping down and letting the corporation close, so my SIL Kristi can open a new version called Torquere Press LLC. The corp is not in trouble, btw, this is all just legal mumbo jumbo because of where we incorporated and where Kristi lives. She and her partner Joanna (no relation to me, as my Talbot is a randomly picked pseudonym and hers is real, thank you) have lots of great ideas, and I wish them all the best with TQ.

Now I can join RWA as a voting member, and join Rainbow Authors. I can write more and stress less. I can squeal about the new contract I signed with Samhain for a May release. MMF menage. Yum.

Also, my peppermint twist is out at Changeling Press. Strange Bedfellows has lumberjacks, a dentist, and pain reliever fueled sex. Woo. Snowflake, my logger elf, is based loosely on Kris Norris, the loudest Canadian I know, and a fab writer. Find it here on sale!

A lot of folks have been asking about the next Cereus book. I know it's been on the coming soon at TQ a few times, and as authors we tried, but two of us moved, and that horked the schedule. Not TQ'a fault at all. It will be out this month, and it's a doozy! Demons, weres, vamps. Yay!

I also have the 4th Elemental Ops book coming from Changeling late this month. I'll holler as soon as I have a coming soon link!

It's beginning to look like Christmas!




Donna said...

Congratulations on all scores! You are doing wonderful things in your life, and it's all coming together! I wish the new owners of Torque the very best of luck, and would like to thank you for all your work with the company. It has introduced me to many, many wonderful authors and I'm sure will continue to do so. :)

Katherine Halle said...

Thanks for telling the story behind the ownership change. I wish EVERYONE the best! Especially you with all the new opportunities!

RWA, Samhain, and Rainbow Authors - so much and so exciting!

Good luck with everything <333

Jana Pedowitz said...

Congratulations on moving into a life of less stress
And Yeah!!!! Another Cereus story!!!!

Thank you!!

Julia said...

Thanks y'all!