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Friday, October 03, 2014

working on moving - or how a writer loses 2 weeks of writing time

Tuesday- closing 9:30 to almost noon because escrow officer was late

On the plus side, I learned all about what our realtor used to do for a living, and about his inn in Espanola.

Wednesday - took load to house, paid bills, took load to house. Door guy. Bought paint. Turned water on

Thursday- painted new office, cleaned out nasty kitchen drawers, dismantled weird kitchen VCR and icky space saver can opener. Meet floor guy for estimate, met with exterminator

Friday- Tried to meet ADT but failed. Got groceries. Napped because otherwise I was going to die


Saturday- teach gluten free baking class, take 3 loads to house, second coat of paint in office


Monday- Do non-writerly work. All of it. Now.

Tuesday: Try to write O.O Meet door guy for estimate

Wednesday- sit at new house and cool my heels while waiting for ADT guy at some point between 12-5pm

Thursday- Moving boxes and painting anything not done

Friday- prepare for yard sale. make signs. WRITE

Saturday- yard sale - Anyone want shoes size W 9 1/2 to 10- carlos santana boots, steve madden heels, steve madden boots, etc- hardly or never worn

Sunday- recover from yard sale

Monday- take loads of stuff to house to save ob movers whose estimate freaked us out

Tuesday- clean all the things for new appliances to arrive

Pant. Pant.




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Katherine Halle said...

Moving is hard /o\ It's even harder when you are doing most of it yourself /o\ I wish you all the best and I promise you it will all get done eventually or you will eventually learn to live with the boxes you never unpack LOL