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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Art reflecting life

I've been making art plans lately.

I'm not the world's best painter or sculptor, but I love to make art. Artist trading cards. Stitching. Gourd dolls.

A lot of times, I like my art to reflect what's going on in my life. Right now, I'm all about looking back over the last few years and getting rid of the stuff that doesn't give me joy. I need to slough off the false impressions of myself that I've let build up. I need to work on the things I don't like about myself. They're always the things I like least about other people, and I've had a lot of time lately to see what those things are.

My latest canvas is called "forgiveness doesn't come with a debt"

y'all just wait until I start taking pictures!

In the meantime, did y'all go get Fever? It's a western anthology from TQ

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1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

Sounds like you've got some good things going on. Always good to get rid of the excess stuff that's not doing you any good.