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Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Week this Week

Man, it's shaping up to be a big week.

Tomorrow is my dad's 81st birthday. Hey, I'm only 42, okay? He just happened to get a late start on kids. He's in pretty good shape for the shape he's in, and I'm taking him to lunch at his favorite Mexican place.

Thursday is Valentine's day, and me and my girl are going to make a decadent supper. What do you think I ought to get her for Vday, y'all? The stove top smoker, the garden box or the fermentation pot? I'd get her the totally rad compost container, but our HOA doesn't allow composting. O.o Yet another reason to move on.

Saturday I'll be learning to knit a sweater. Sometime between now and then I have to knit a swatch. I am so not a swatcher. Like in my writing, I'm a pantser. We'll see how this works.

So many deadlines, y'all. We won't even talk on that.

Also, my new book at Changeling, the Bear Facts is out. Hot, y'all. Bear shifter. O.O http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1824

Ongoing through Valentine's day is a sale at www.torquerebooks.com- put in code vday2013 for 20% off your total purchase. Stock up on my books!

Big week! Happy Valentine's day, y'all! Look for flash fiction Thursday!


Julia Talbot



Katherine Halle said...

Stove Top Smoker :D UGH why doesn't the HOA allow composting? You totally need to move on.

Happy Birthday to your Dad - his favorite Mexican place sounds yummy to me. (There's really only one good Mexican place here and it's just so so....)

Good luck with all the writing and the deadlines *HUGS*

Julia said...

so-so Mexican makes me sad! Thanks hon