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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Best moments at Authors After Dark!

hey y'all!

Just got back from Authors After Dark in NOLA! I love New Orleans and this time I got to see Marie Laveau's grave, which I had never done before. I also got to take a carriage ride, eat lots of red beans and rice (and wheat-based stuff, which I try to avoid, but in NOLA it's like crack) and see lots of drunk folks on Bourbon Street.

The best part was the actual con, however. Stella Price and her amazing cadre of volunteers did a fabulous job of setting up a great event. BA Tortuga and I hosted the opening event at the reception, and we had a blast talking with readers and giving out books.

So, I'll tell you a secret. I suck at con reports. Instead, I'll give you a ticky list, because those I adore!

The best things that happened to Julia at AAD, con-related

The opening reception, where 200 books disappeared in literally the first five minutes, and we gave out 400 swag bags full of stress bulls and werewolf chip clips

Being on panels with amazing m/m and menage writers like Andrew Grey, Damon Suede, Mia Watts and Jennifer Armintrout

Listening to my girl BA Tortuga do readings. She was a hoot, and she had the room in the palm of her hand! I loved Sophie Oak, too, who I hadn't read yet, and who gained a new fan in me!

Watching my homegirl Dakota Cassidy accept her bookie award by pointing out that she'd beaten other candidates, and later tweeting that people on Bourbon thought she was a call girl

Hanging out with all of the amazing authors, readers, and bloggers who came to NOLA because they love books!

The booksigning! Oh, y'all, that was so fun, and I hope everyone who got a book from me loves it!

Top non-convention related events in NOLA

Angelo, the cab driver of extreme joy who told us all about the Quarter back in his childhood days, thus inspiring a short story I have to write and have no idea where it will go

My new best friends from all around the French Quarter including Joann at Desire Oyster bar, Lloyd at Oceana, Derron at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, and Doc the mule.

Getting to meet my girl's niece, who also happens to be our research intern

All of the naked people who ran through and around Bourbon street!

You can see why it was a roller coaster of a good time.

Y'all should so come to Savannah next year!




Katherine Halle said...

WOW it sounds like loads of fun :D I love NOLA - so I'm thrilled you had a blast :D

Julia said...

It was great fun :D