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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Seven

Seven things I did this week to the house--

7) bought a new chair and took the old one to Goodwill

6) bought a gravy boat

5)rearranged the front room to accommodate said new chair

4) swept up a whole dog's worth of hair

3) put away all my clothes

2) cooked and ate low carb fried cheese with my girl (what? sustenance is important to housework)

1) tried and failed to clean the office, which I will try again now

What are y'all up to?


Moma Sue said...

You two did good so proud of you guys working so hard hugs ;)

Katherine Halle said...

Wow, lots of hard work - especially the "dog's worth amount of hair". Bet the place looks fantastic.

Julia said...

Thanks, y'all!