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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life is finally slowing down

Hey y'all!

I know I've been sporadic. I apologize. Without getting too personal, life has been a little crazy, with a new grand-nephew in the family, a slew of deadlines, and a house that needed to be fall-cleaned.

Okay, we're still cleaning and donating bags and bags to the Goodwill. BA and I are a little pack-ratty. We collect weird cooking implements, for example. Garlic presses? We have 3, one of which rolls. Bizarre egg white beaters? No less than 4. One is a crank kind with its own bowl. One is a tiny one that also does chocolate milk.

Then there's the stuff. Teapots. Turtles (BA) crocodiles (me) basset hounds (both)... Cowboy art (we were out of space so we made a pact to only buy originals. (We still need a sliding gallery wall.) Ravens. weird gothic dolls. Yeah. We're packed to the gills.

Anyhoo, I should be back on a regular schedule now for a bit. I missed y'all

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