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Monday, June 06, 2011

Party of Two Excerpt and buy link

as promised. Late, but still

Here's where you can buy my Sip, Party of Two

And here's a wee bit to get you going!

     Liam knew he ought to get his ass down the mountain.
     He'd been at Matthew's cabin for two weeks, the first spent recovering, the second helping to pay his way by repairing snowshoes and chopping wood. They'd had another tremendous snow two days ago, and Liam used that as his excuse for not moving on.
     Really, he was hanging around to watch Matthew move. The man went shirtless inside a lot, wearing just a pair of soft sweats, his cock and balls clearly outlined.
     It was a little crazy-making, especially since he'd decided that Matthew wasn't going to go all Donner party and eat him, or go all cabin fever on him and whack him with an axe. They got along really well, in fact.
     Really well.
     God, he needed to go home, just to save him from making a fool of himself. The only problem was he wasn't sure where home was; the storage building where he'd stowed all his stuff before Denali probably didn't allow live-ins. Matthew made it hard to leave, too. The man was bright, funny, oddly companionable for someone so quiet, and his job didn't require a lot of time. In fact, all Liam had seen him do was record a bunch of data after his daily hike, and then call someone on a satellite phone twice a week to relate it.
     That left a lot of time for them to spend together.
     Liam had managed to cobble together a decent wardrobe from Matthew's clothes and what had been in his pack, but he'd taken to wearing nothing but sweats inside, as well. When in Rome, right? Matthew seemed to like his creature comforts, so the place was always pretty warm.
     "So, let me get this straight." Matthew's voice startled him, coming out of nowhere. They'd stopped talking a few hours back, when Liam had gotten surly discussing his ex. "He dumped you because the weather was bad on Denali and you couldn't climb?"
     "Well, it was more that we missed our window of good weather because I had bronchitis. Then we had to wait, and the storms set in a thousand feet above base camp."
     Matthew looked up from the rabbit snare he was working on. "Do you have emphysema?"
     "Are you a smoker?"
     Liam shook his head, his cheeks heating. "No."
     "Did you set out with a cold? Deliberately compromise your lung capacity?"
     "No." Liam could see how silly it sounded now, to let Dave convince him he was a failure. He couldn't be sorry, though, as it had led him to meet Matthew, and that was a good thing.
     Matthew set aside the snare and stood, stretching before walking over to put one hand on Liam's cheek. "I know a little about being the odd man out. Don't let him make you feel like you don't deserve to be alive."
     Without another word, just as Liam was reaching for Matthew's hips, the man turned and grabbed a parka, heading out into the snow.

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