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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hola peeps!

I'm getting a late start today (noon) because I got an early start with the organizer we hired to help us clean the garage. O.O

Lord, that's a whole blog post of its own.

Anyhoo, today I am blogging to promote my new Hot Flash over at Changeling Press. It's called Just Semantics, and it's about a demon hunter and a shopkeeper.

Dix and Maura


Dix is kind of a manly demon hunter. Maura hates that. It's hot. Fun. Go read.

so, about natural flea remedies. If ingested, pennyroyal can be a bad, bad thing. A drop on the back of your dog's neck, though, can kill fleas. Yay. If you're going to do a flea wash, though, you have to be way more careful with what you use.

Try a rosemary flea dip. Steep two cups of rosemary in boiling water. Remove leaves after it cools and dilute with more water. Store in a plastic container with a lid. Use a few tablespoons in a bath for fleas.

I'll be back later with more!

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