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Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's been a rough week

so it's no wonder I didn't get to promo my new title here until now!

It's called Pictures of You, and it's a m/m/f menage--

Actually, it's a m/m, m/f then m/m/f


here's the blurb

Ryan and Shreve share an apartment that has it all for such an old building. An open floor plan, a huge shower, and a picture window in the bedroom. When Ryan notices he and Shreve are being spied on by the attractive female photographer across the way, he decides it's time to get friendly with the neighbors. Real friendly. And he sets out to get Shreve to jump on board with the plan.

Leanne has no idea the boys know she's watching. They inspire her to pick up her camera for the first time since a disastrous showing of her work, and they make her hot, but she's not sure she wants to meet her subjects. Maybe she can apply what they teach her to her own personal life, though, and make everything picture perfect.

here's the link :

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