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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


okay, so. Texas is the land of sun and heat and all, right? So why has it been icy, rainy, and not above 40 degrees for 2 weeks!?

I'm so over it. SO OVER IT

it's killing the writing, because getting out of bed? Impossible



ana said...

Not feeling sorry. Temperature here is 1°, windchill of -19°. Days like this make me wish I had a fence backyard, taking the dog potty is a challenge.
Just finished reading Perfect. Fun, too short though. I did not wanted the book to end. Like all the caracters (except Gordon of course)Lou, Avery, his mom, and Kyle. He was a hoot. Are you planning a book for him? He is in need of an innocent guy to turn his world upside down:)

Julia said...

actually, I'm thinking of a short piece for him. Single Shot length (you can see examples of those at www.torquerepress.com) But if I do, it will most likely be an older, wiser Kyle, if you get me. Thank you!