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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From the ERWF blog circle

Press release from ERWF member Fiona Glass: 'Elfmeet' by Fiona Glass

Chippewa Publishing LLC http://www.chippewapublishing.com $2.00

New and just released by Chippewa, this is a short fantasy tale about an elf who has grown up believing he is human. His life changes for good the day he runs away from home and meets a real elf in a village inn.

Extract: As they reached the door, the landlord glanced up, and called out in alarm. “Hey, young ‘un, don’t you be going off with the likes of him. One of the fairies, he is, or as near as dammit, and you know what they say about folks what goes with the fairies.” “They say they never come back unchanged,” Jon replied. “But that’s all right, I’m not sure I want to stay the way I am.” With that, he grasped Kes’ hand more tightly and followed him out of the door. The night was cool and clear. A new moon was rising over the village roofs and tiny snowflake stars dusted the sky. As they left the houses behind, the stars grew ever brighter until they filled Jon’s sight, sparkling like jewels against the black cloth of the sky. He breathed deep. “They’re beautiful,” he said. “I never really stopped and looked at them before.” Kes smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist. “Yes, they are beautiful. There are lots of beautiful things in this world that men never take the time to see.” Just past the last straggling buildings, he led Jon along a narrow path and into the woods. It was quiet in here with the deep silence of air that was rarely disturbed, and Jon felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. There was magic in the air, and a faint, silvery music that tinkled in the breeze, and if he wasn’t much mistaken, there were eyes amongst the leaves. “Who are they?” he whispered, holding as close to Kes as he could. “Just the rest of my tribe; don’t worry, they will watch over us and bless our mating,” Kes whispered back. Jon found himself in a clearing full of white flowers and the longest, softest grass he had ever seen. The trees formed a circle; their branches raised high to give a clear view of the sky. The moon had vanished behind some wispy cloud but the stars were still there, larger and more brilliant than ever, forming a vast and glittering necklace around the world. He stood and stared in awe until Kes tugged and he tumbled down amongst the grass stems in a tangled heap of leggings and limbs and hair.


E-books: One Degree of Separation from http://www.torquerepress.com Elfmeet from http://www.chippewapublishing.com

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