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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snippet of WIP for Snippet Saturday

A bit from my WIP for DSP

Okay, so this was when he wished he ate better. Oh, he wasn’t lumpy. No, he was too skinny, his ribs jutting out a bit. He forgot to eat, and God knew he used to scoff at people who said that. Then he’d done his intern years.

“Mmm.” Nate touched his skin, stroking his collarbones, then his nipples. “Pretty.”

The nipple thing made his toes curl. No one had every touched him there except maybe him when he bathed, and the sensation surprised him completely. His cock jerked, his hips pushing up.

“I know, right? So sensitive.” Nate plucked at them again, squeezing each bit of flesh between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Fuck!” He arched, his whole back lifting off the floor. “Nate.” There was no way he was gonna humiliate himself by coming from this, but God, it felt good.

“Not so fast,” Nate said, seeming to read his mind. “Need to get your jeans off, too.”

“Please.” Was he begging? Dusty was pretty sure he was begging.

Nate skittered back and undid the button on Dusty’s jeans, then began tugging them down. “Come on, Stubborn fucking cloth.”

Dusty tried to help, but he just got more tangled up, and he burst out laughing, nerves getting the better of him.

“Shh.” Nate kissed his mouth, the position awkward, but the contact perfect, calming Dusty down. “That’s it, man. Just breathe.”

“I’m trying. You know how much I’ve done this, right?” He held up a hand, fingers and thumb forming a round, the zero obvious.

“I know.” Nate paused, smiling at him, looking right into his eyes. “I’m fucking honored, man. I am.”

“Just be here with me, okay?” He touched Nate’s cheek, feeling the stubble there, rough at the end of the day

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Katherine Halle said...

You had me at nipples. I love nipples. Oh, crap *looks around* can I say that here?

Lovely snippet!

Julia said...

you can! Thank you lovely.