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Monday, January 10, 2011

new story soon, good day for BA

I have a story coming out in the Pour Some Sugar on Me anthology next week. Woo! Most excellent. It's got Andy and Shiloh in it, from my Doctors Without Borders charity Sip. I love the voice of Andy, who does the talking.

It was a good birthday for BA. We had brunch at Mother's Cafe, and wandered to Hill Country Weavers to look at yarn and such. I only got one skein that matched my hair. I think I will bead it and make a new scarf. I like scarves as just accessories, they just don't have to keep me warm. This is a great blue and purple yarn, and it's silk and cashmere. Hopefully I will do it justice.

Look for new books from both TQ and Changeling in Feb, too!

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