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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Writing hard

Have lots of deadlines to hit here at Chez Julia. BA is hitting hers...

In fact, my buddy BA has 2 new books out. Desert Lobo, a smokin' hot menage about werewolves, and a Screwdriver (which means it ran on Turn of the Screw) called Where there's a Will. Woo.

get them both at www.torquerebooks.com

Getting slammed with pirate notices on my Google alerts. Please don't support pirates. Please please please

In other news, been working on making dolls and having a ball. I love making faces...


Rue said...

Hi Julia. Is there going to be a Come and Take It 3?

Julia said...

hi there! I sure hope so. I know it's very late days, but I do want to get it done. Thanks for writing!