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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

wow, look at all that time passed

Yeah, okay, so I went on a holiday for the holidays. Imagine me in a flannel nightie, sacked out on the couch, a Ding Dong in my hand and a chocolate stain around my mouth.

Or you know, not. Becuase I should maintain my writerly mystique, yeah?

In actual news, a book of mine made it as a finalist in the Fruity Awards. http://www.erwintl.com/finalists.php Check it out and keep your fingers crossed for me.

What else? New novel coming out in um. I keep forgetting. April. April? Hmm. Anyway, if you liked Jumping Into Things, which is my most popular novel, having sold some obscene 800 or so copies in a few years (hey! that's more than a copy a *day* people) you'll like Landing with Both Feet.

Or I hope you will. Because I think it's some of my best work. Period.

What else, you ask? Greedy guts. There will be a new serial on Turn of the Screw, Torquere's Serial fiction site. It will feature an old west miner and his fancy man. Did you like Partners on the Trail? Well you'll like To Hell You Ride. Also, I'm working on a new Single Shot for Torquere about 1920s Egypt.

I have other stuff in the works, some new het, hopefully for changeling press if they're kind enough to take more of my magical meanderings, and I have a mainstream romance idea that I have no idea where to send. Lalala.

Happy New Year to everyone! Much love and smut for the coming year.

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