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Thursday, October 06, 2005

I need a new hat

something for fall. Maybe something in purple or burgundy red, with big fall flowers or fruit or something. Something outrageous.

I also need to get off my duff and get stuff going again. Progress on the novel goes well, but I have several shorts I need to write. I have no idea when edits on the one story will come in, so I'm just not looking at that right now. I also have another single shot due in I think in January, and I need to get on that. I'm torn between a fantasy piece I have started, a 1920s Egyptiology romp a la my all time favortie author Elizabeth Peters, or a sci fi slave piece.

I also have a BDSM story to work up for Turn of the Screw...


back to work

oh and just to see if anyone is reading, the first non-spam comment I receive on this entry will get a free copy of my book, A Gentleman of Substance, out from Torquere Press. It's m/m, post Colonial historical. Feel free to read an excerpt here, first: http://www.torquerepress.com/orders/talbot/jt011/ch01.html

Like I said, no spam. If your comment references any kind of advertisement it will be deleted.


David said...

I;ve read several of your stories and look forward to reading your forthcoming novels.

Julia said...

do you have an email address David? I can send you your copy of the book :>

David said...

Certainly - dpeavy@houston.rr.com