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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

market listing

Torquere Press is pleased to announce a new Single Shot line beginning in 2006 -- Birthstones.
Birthstones will be a sexy, sensual homoerotic series with a birthstone theme completely and solely interpreted by the author (i.e. Using the stone itself, the color of the stone, the mystical meaning of the stone, the area the stone is mined, use your imagination). I'm looking for unique takes on the theme, on interesting characters, hot sex, and attention to relationship.
- Homoerotica, please. Heterosexual stories will not be considered- 10,000-15,000 words- a flat fee of $28US upon publication- exclusive electronic 2 year contract (your print rights are your own)
The available stones/months are:
January/Garnet -- deadline October 1, 2005February/Amethyst -- deadline November 1, 2005March/Aquamarine -- deadline December 1, 2005May/Emerald -- deadline February 1, 2006June/Pearls -- deadline March 1, 2006
Please email questions and submissions to:submissions@torquerepress.com with Birthstones in the title.
SA ClementsSingle Shots EditorTorquere Presswww.torquerepress.com/

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